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New Spider-man trailer

It looks like someone said you know what’s popular, Batman.  Let’s make Spider-man like Batman and have him face off against the cops, and create a mystery behind his parents.  Then add even more teen angst and I don’t recognize the web-slinger anymore…

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The First Pages of the "Dark Knight Rises" Script

Did you, like me, have trouble hearing what Bane was saying in “The Dark Knight Rises” Prologue.  Well no fear, the WB has released those pages from the script, so you can read what you couldn’t hear (along with a statement reminding people that editing is not over for this movie yet).  To see the script click the link.

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Review of “My Week with Marilyn”

Let it first be said that “My Week with Marilyn” is a good movie if only for the acting.  Michelle Williams shines as the icon that was Marilyn Monroe.  She completely slips into the part, so you believe you are watching Marilyn in the flesh.  Kenneth Branagh fittingly plays Sir Lawrence Olivier.  Watching his Olivier recite Shakespeare when frustrated is worth the ticket price alone.

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Hi (insert your name here),

Thanks for finding this site.  I know you have lots of chose in your movie criticism now a days.  That you have taken the time to look here is greatly appreciated.  

I wanted to take a moment and speak about what I hope to achieve with this site

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